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Visit the station | Ancienne Gare de déportation de Bobigny

Visit the station

Bobigny, a station between Drancy and Auschwitz

The site can be visited upon request. The tour lasts on average an hour and fifteen minutes and takes place outdoors in the open air.

The meeting place for the visit is on the railway bridge at:
69-151 avenue Henri Barbusse
93 000 Bobigny

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Tarif : Visite gratuite

Travaux d'aménagement

Attention ! La gare de déportation n'organise plus de visites pendant la période des travaux. La date de reprise des visites n'est pas encore connue.

Visit the train station

For individual visitors:

Visits take place one or two weekends per month.
Registration is made at the Bobigny Tourist Office:
Tel. +33 (0)1 48 30 83 29
or from the Departmental Tourism Committee of Seine-Saint-Denis.

For school groups:

A learning tool (in the form of cards) allows the student to discover the site to recognize the Holocaust's role in history. The student is invited to portray the site and its history, thus he becomes a contributing part of the visit. This method, designed by teachers from the French National Education is particularly suitable for junior high students, but can also be adapted to high school students.

For adult groups:

Visits can be made on request:
Tél. 01 41 60 99 91

Groups are limited to 25 people.

How to arrive:
  • N° 5 Line:  Pablo Picasso station, then tram no. 1 towards the Courtilles. Get off at Escadrille Normandie Niemen, then walk up Avenue Henri Barbusse for approximately 500 m.
  • n°151 :  From the Porte de Pantin go towards Bondy Jouhaux-Blum, get off at the station (Grande Ceinture)
  • A86 : Drancy-Bobigny Exit