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First commemoration (1948) | Ancienne Gare de déportation de Bobigny

A memorial

First commemoration (1948)

In the years following the Liberation, several ceremonies took place at Drancy in 1945, 1946 and 1947, in memory of the deportees who never returned. At the same time, associations campaigned for a monument to be erected in Drancy but the Cité de la Muette which housed the camp had turned back into a mundane city suburb. In Bobigny, the General Confederation of Interned Political Deportees, associated with the International Union Against Racism, put up three plaques on September 28, 1948 in the Bobigny station, which highlighted the resistance of railway workers but did not stipulate that the victims were Jewish.

However, despite these initiatives, Drancy like Bobigny failed to truly become a veritable memorial. From 1954, the Lautard Company running a steel reinforcement business installed its activity on the site of the Bobigny station, rented from the SNCF (French National Railways).