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The project’s philosophy | Ancienne Gare de déportation de Bobigny

The project

The project’s philosophy

The motivation of the city of Bobigny and its partners is to allow the public to read the physical traces of this place (buildings, tracks, grounds) as telltale elements of the boarding and deportation of the Jews of France. It is a question of witnessing the geography, topography and the landscape of this site to understand the role that it played during WW II, relying as well on historical documents and testimonies. The choice has been made to create a walking tour visiting the site outdoors instead of creating a museum.

In order to respect the evocative power of this site, the city requires the scenographic arrangements related to the expression of the memory and the history of the station to be based on the straightforwardness of the place and highlight its qualities. The vegetation present on site (also known as unwanted weeds) will be used to stage its memorial heritage thanks to the realization of what we call a brownfield garden. This new space is designed to be a place built into its urban environment that can be adopted by the residents of Bobigny.