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One place, several callings | Ancienne Gare de déportation de Bobigny

The project

One place, several callings

For this site to come alive on a daily basis honoring the memory of those who were deported from Bobigny, a balance must be found between several functions:

  • A commemorative and symbolic function, consisting of allowing the holding of commemorative events and offering visitors a place and a moment to silently contemplate the memory of those who left from Bobigny.
  • An educational function to explain, particularly to younger people, an essential stage in the deportation and the extermination of the European Jews. The idea is also to sensitize visitors to the mechanisms that led to this genocide, to promote the essential values of our democracy and to fight against totalitarian and fanatical excesses.
  • An urban, social and environmental function allowing this site to coexist with the surrounding areas while preserving the biodiversity present on-site. Thus, the memory and the history embodied in the stone are also an opportunity to preserve our natural heritage and to provide residents a living space where they can contemplate and enjoy nature, with respect and dignity of the history of this place.